"This unique California collective utilizes a forward-thinking philosophy and strong musicianship [with] an infectious beat and piercing vocals that will send you clamoring for a computer to find more sounds.”


- Rolling Stone Magazine

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Christopher Snyder and Michael Edwards are a creative duo that poses a dynamic ability to artfully craft and produce uniquely memorable songs. With over a decade of songwriting and performing experience, the two are currently developing their third album to be entitled "In Defense of Time."


As lead singer, Snyder drives this eclectic duo on rhythm guitar and keys. His well-thought-out lyrics have been quoted by Rolling Stone magazine as "forward-thinking" and "infectious" while Edwards’ guitar, bass, and arrangements have added to furthering their successes on stage and in the studio.

Snyder and Edwards' first collection of songs titled “Initial Contact“ topped college radio charts. This, along with growing attention from the public and the music industry, made way for the band to tour and support their first official album

Nezvanova” (nameless nobody). 

Since the release of “Hands On Display”, Standing in Waves has continued to focus on sharpening their performance and songwriting craft and in 2020 released a new single entitled "Kingdom Run Wild."

Today, Standing in Waves continues to create and perform throughout a variety of modern outlets. In addition, Christopher Snyder can be found co-hosting the television show “Travel With Didiayer." Michael Edwards has composed the theme song and additional music for the program.


Kingdom Run Wild
00:00 / 03:20
What About Love
00:00 / 03:39
Lover Don't Lay Down
00:00 / 03:38
00:00 / 03:51
Where Faith Begins
00:00 / 04:37
Lifting Slowly
00:00 / 04:49

Always, Beyond Your Lies, Blades of Rain, Blue Boy Crying, Blue Dream, Breaking Free, Brother, Bullet and the Blame, Can You Tell Me Why, Carolina, Centered On You, Channelize, Corroding in Shame, Courage Upon Us, Descendants, Detour, Deep Water, Eve’s Desire, Evolution Awaits, Fallen Lover, Feeds the Day, Feel, Fly, Fool for A Day, Fragments, Free Mind, From The Moment, Heaven’s In Need, How You Left Me, I Want More, Isn’t That The Way, It Was More, Kingdom Run Wild, Lady Night, Lifting Slowly, Light of Dawn, Light of Love Part 1, Light of Love Part 2, Light of Love Part 3, Lonely Road Home, Lonely Romance, Love Stung, Love Suicide, Lover Don’t Lay Down, Masquerade of Love, Midnight Calling, Me and My Imagination, My Own, Night Life, Now and for Always, On the Homefront, Paper Cages, Pensive Motion, Phantom Frequency, Praise, Rain Born, Real World, Redeeming Love, Repeat the Charge, Rotation, She Cry’s for Time, Sight Lost, Smooth Walker, So You Say, Soldier’s Sojourn, Something’s Coming, Summer Lush, Talk About Love, The Cure, Try to Listen, Union of Sight, We’re All Still Here, What About Love, What Are You Waiting For?, Where Faith Begins, Yesterday, Yingity Yangity


Michael Edwards

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